Melinda is a dynamic and inspirational person who delivers an incredibly relevant solution to empower women through public speaking. Melinda’s passion and vision to help others is palpable, and she is destined for success.

– Rob Wong, SBA Associate Administrator, Office of Government Contracting, and Business Development

Because of Melinda’s coaching, my business has grown exponentially. Under her guidance and support, I have grown as a person and entrepreneur. I have met more people and can speak more confidently about my business. Melinda has a gift for bringing out the best in people. Because of her, I am more positioned to expand my business.

– Laura Livingston, Founder of Liv Hynotheraphy

Straight on and honest. Melinda makes everything that is complicated for you, all of a sudden very simple. She unfolded a hidden urge for me to speak.

– Julie Lynge Hjorth

Melinda met with us as a group and then individually over the past week. Our presentation went really well. Personally, I am not a good public speaker, but with the process Melinda uses I was able to get up there and do a solid job. Grateful for her coaching and her positive energy that helped us deliver this very special presentation.

– Oscar Zevaleta, President of the Montez Construction Group

Before working with Melinda, I had some apprehension about speaking out in a public setting. I didn’t know how to start introducing my business to people I meet and didn’t have clear intent of what I wanted to say. I didn’t understand how my attitude held the key in being able to “own” the room and stand out in a crowd setting. After her coaching I felt more comfortable in public speaking settings. I was able to relax enough to be able to really think on my feet and I answered questions really well. I didn’t feel self conscious anymore. I’m able to connect with the audience better during my presentation. Melinda helped me put things in perspective. I thought my approach to giving a presentation was OK, but she just took it to the next level. 

– Jennifer D. Mariani, PhD, Founder, Charistech




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