Speak in Flow

When you SPEAK IN FLOW, your inner critic and self-doubt are silenced. You are fully present with the audience and possibilities. Your confidence and performance goes through the roof. Words and actions flow seamlessly. Clients and opportunities start coming to you. The desires of your heart manifest into the world.

To move from speaking in fear to speaking in flow, you will go through a step by step transformational program:

CORE Sessions

Your Unshakable Confidence (Day 1)

Leadership and Storytelling For Influence (Day 2)


  • CORE Sessions (3 Private Sessions) – Remove root causes and hidden blocks negatively triggering you in the
    present moment from speaking with an unshakable confidence and access flow


  • Your Unshakable Confidence (Day 1)
    • Calm your nervous system and get into the right state before speaking
    • Establish a genuine connection with your audience so you can quickly build trust and influence
    • Speak without fear when it matters most
    • Embody an unshakable confidence so you can powerfully lead and make a bigger difference
    • Daily practice meditation and tips to activate your flow
  • Leadership and Storytelling For Influence (Day 2)
    • Discover the power of your stories and feel connected to who you are and why you are here to lead
    • Learn how to tell captivating stories to keep your audience engaged
    • Embody your unique leadership style and Increase your influence
    • Get the structure for stories so you can inspire action each and every time
    • 40 Day Flow Challenge – embark on a challenge to activate your flow
  • Join the SPEAK IN FLOW Community
    • Community of like-minded leaders who are on the same journey
    • Bi-weekly activities to reinforce and integrate your learning into daily life


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