I was born and raised in an ancestry of women who had no voice. 

My grandmother was the fourth wife to her husband. Not only did my grandmother listen to her husband, she also had to listen to three other wives. My mother raised four children and managed two restaurants and never spoke up. Even when she got get yelled at by family members and employees who worked for her, she still did not speak up.

When I went to work in the corporate sector, I carried what I had learned from my mom and grandmother into my work. it was difficult for me to speak up for fear of rejection and judgement. 

One day, my manager asked me to conduct a training for employees and managers of the company. As scary as it felt to get up to speak in front of other peers and managers, I knew deep down inside I had to say, “YES!” I had to say, “YES, to something bigger!” I knew in order for me to be more successful I had to overcome my fears of speaking. 

Over the course of several years, through mentors, training, and a faith based practice, I became a better speaker. But it took decades! Since then, I have launched “Speak In Flow™” a process I have used to successfully help entrepreneurs and leaders to speak more confidently and powerfully. Through this process, you will speed up the time it takes to overcome your fears. 

In 2018, my mother passed away, ironically from a cancer found in her mouth. Because my mother never found her voice, my mission is to speak in honor of her and all the women before her.

And I am 100% committed to helping you find your voice and become the person you’re meant to be. Because I believe our world desperately needs to hear it.


My mission is to help entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders harness the power of their own unique ability to Speak In Flow. 

Because when you access your flow, in that moment, you are afraid of nothing.
You have everything within.
Time collapses, senses heightened, and you are fully present in the moment.
With no fears, worries, or anxieties.

It is THEN, in those moments that you will finally feel the unshakable confidence you need to take you everywhere you have ever envisioned. You may see yourself getting that promotion or the clients you want, and finally getting the recognition you deserve.

I believe speaking in flow not only happens on the stage in front of groups, but also in our everyday communication. When you speak in flow, everything changes and endless opportunities open up.

You are just one moment away…


We don’t let the big egos of others shut us up, or stop us from standing as leaders. We don’t need to step on others to move ahead. And most importantly we will not let our own inner critic hold us back. We don’t need to do things to prove anything. We do things because we ARE passionate leaders, ( In fact, because we know we ARE Leaders, we do things FOR others, we do things to RAISE others up, and we do things because we have a message that will CHANGE lives.


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